So, it was a good idea and in the long run a super idea…. but it blows your mind when you actually get down to doing it.  I completed the Multi Site migration.  For you none techie people this means my empire is built.  <insert evil laugh here> Why did I bother or why do you care?  Let’s start first with why did I bother… well the answer is simple really, to create workflow.  I can now long into anyone of my sites (there’s 4 sections of WordPress running), create a blog post, then push it to any of my other blogs.  Ok, so how often does that really apply to you… well let me put it into real life terms for you.  Let’s take a school for example… 1 school, 1 principals, and 50 teachers.  They all have something to say, right?  But yet, they really shouldn’t be all on the same page, because as a parent of a 3rd grader, do I really need to know what the assignment is for the 6th grade math?  No… think about how many post you’d have to go through when you wanted to find something… what if you could just go  So why not just have more than one application of wordpress?  That answer is 2 fold… first I’ve cut the space I use on my server in half, yes half!, by going to multi-site.  Second, as a administrator in charge of all the sites it would be time consuming to managed each individual site.  With Multi-site, the super administrator could very easily run an update that would hit each section, including any plugins.  That’s part of the workflow… it’s awesome!!!  I can manage all my themes, pages and blog post from one home, yet my visitors on my other sites don’t know the difference.

So, now you’re wondering… why do you care… because now I have time to blog more… more about things that I find, tools that I use, and other crazy stuff.  Things I put off because I have to spend more time managing then doing, now I’m free to write.  I had forgotten how much I like blogging until I had my little guest gig over at the Queen of Quirky (super fabo site, btw).  I forgot how much fun it is to share the craziness that happens in the daily world, the part I like reading about on other peoples blogs.  Yeah, yeah, I read my fair share of “educational” reading… but peaking into someone else’s life is some what intriguing… isn’t that why you are here?