This week’s review is one that anyone who tells they recently purchase an iphone, ipad or ipod, the first app I recommend is AppShopper.  This app will help you save a TON of money.  You can go through and make a wish list of the apps you want to purchase, then when they go on sale it notifies you.  Often when I’m searching the web, I update my list at the same time.  While doing my research for this post, I found out on their website I can actually see my list there as well, just another reason for me to love it.    Another cool feature is you can see the app’s activity.   What is that important?  Well… if you want an app and you can’t wait, if you look at the activity and see it’s never been on sale, then no need to wait.  A lot of times, you can figure out their pattern for putting it on sale, then make a better decision and not think darn it… I should have waited a week.  This app also tracks the apps you currently own.  Now why is that helpful… well, couple reasons… 1) you’ve done a little clean up on your device, but you need a new game, go revisit what you have and re-download. 2)Your friends aren’t as cool as you are, you keep telling them a particlar app is a must have.  You get the price drop message… oh yeah you tell them now is the time to buy!

Pros: Super easy to use. Great way to save some itunes cash!  Um… hello it’s free!!!!

Cons: Doesn’t integrate with Genius so you have to flip back and forth to add your recommendations.

Platform: iOS

Price: $0, but if you don’t like the ads, in the settings you can purchase an ad free version for $0.99.


(On a scale of 1-5 undies, 5 being best.)